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    "Even with a quarter-million miles on the odometer, Vicky, my faithful ’85 Ford Crown Victoria two-door, loved fast runs on cruise control. She wasn’t one of those new suppository-shaped cars. Like me, Vicky was big and square and showing her age, but comfortable and reliable. Like me, she could be very intimidating in tight quarters and yet, cleaned up well. Most important for my many long trips, Vicky’s cassette player could blast out the music I liked: Jimmy Buffett’s brand of Gulf and Western, country and western, and old-time rock and roll."

     (From Clearwater Run, Chapter 2)

What do others say about Woody Thomas?

     "In Woody Thomas, readers are treated to a hero for our times - flawed, reluctant, but committed to doing what's right despite the personal cost. Don't miss this white-knuckled journey into the darkest reaches of our judicial system."
                        - Jackie Minniti, award-winning author of Project June Bug 

                          (Jackie's Blog, Fabulous Florida Writers is always worth a visit!)

    "A shark with a heart, Capt. Woody Thomas navigates Florida's court system with a persistent sense of duty to his criminal clients and his profession, and just enough recovering alcoholic to run himself aground in every summer squall."
                        - Cindy Lane,  reporter/columnist at the Anna Maria Island Sun

What does Woody Thomas say about himself?

​​    About Woody Thomas...

  • He believes in love.
  • He is a spiritual being, but not religious.
  • He believes in a fair fight - - win or lose.
  • He believes in America - - his country right or wrong -- he served in the Army in Military     Intelligence and later in the Coast Guard.
  • While a patriot who truly loves his country, Woody knows the rest of the story:  If right, he will fight to defend her; if wrong, he will fight to make her right.
  • Woody Thomas is willing to die for his beliefs.
  • Woody Thomas also believes in justice: He just doesn't believe he's seen it lately.
  • As a public defender, he fought for the underdog - - one man against the system.
  • Now, Woody Thomas continues to fight on alone - - his beliefs his guide, and freedom the only thing of real value he has left.
  • Woody Thomas is a champion for our time.